Bard: the Bowman of Esgaroth

Bard is active again on twitter @BowmanBard

Keep your eyes peeled, maybe he’ll be back here too :)

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Anon or not I’d like to hear your thoughts on how I play my character! Critiques as well as good points welcome!

Anonymous asked: "SO ITS TRUE THAT YOU LOVE HER????"

"But, of course. Does she doubt it?"

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turambar-masterofdoom asked: ""Is it true you slew a dragon with a single arrow? Because if that is so I am going to kick myself.""

"I’m afraid, then, you are going to have to kick yourself." Bard replied, giving the man a light nod. "However, the credit is not all mine. Without the help of nature, I would never have known the dragon’s weakness."

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"Secret? No. I do not believe love of any kind should be kept in the dark."

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"Is it true that…" Finish it in my ask box!

darkhairedarcher asked: "Walking up to the bowman, Kili knocked the scroll he was reading from his hands and grabbed them with his own, holding them lightly and kissing each knuckle as he mumbled a soft, "I love you.""

Despite the smile behind the bowman’s dark eyes, his brow pinched and lips formed a light smirk. “Love me so greatly you would save me from such a dull scroll? Why, that truly must be the grandest of love.” He noted. “What did I do to deserve you?”

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katzkandy-foxstew-deactivated20 asked: "*intense music begins to play in the background*"


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Screw angst, make my muse genuinely smile in one sentence or less.